Visual Novel | Anime
Heroine Visual Novel
Kanji 主人公
Rōmaji Shujinko
Alias Senpai (by Mine)
Miss Maid (by Sawa) Spade's Route only
Race Human
Age 19
Height "5'2' (1.59 m)
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Light brown
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Toma's mother (Step Mother) Spade Route only
Toma (Step Brother) Spade Route only
Kuro (Pet Dog (Deceased)) Clover Route only
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Kaori Nazuka (anime only)
Maggie Flecknoe (English)
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The Heroine (主人公, Shujinko) is an amnesiac young woman who tries to regain her memories with the help of a spirit, Orion.


The Heroine is a young woman of average height and with shoulder-length, light brown hair with pink at the tips, green eyes, and fair skin. Her bangs are cut short and straight across her forehead, unlike the ends of her hair, where it is notably curved. Despite the Heroine keeping her hair straightened out for the most part, she fashions a braid out of a single lock on the left side of her head, and on the right, she pins up several locks into a distinctive bun stylized like a rose. She uses a black hairband to contain her braid.

She usually wears a white shirt, with the collar held up high, underneath a loose, teal dress with a turtleneck that reaches just a little past her waist. Her dress has numerous vertical lines running from the turtleneck to the ends of the skirt; however, near the ends of the skirt is an array of five lines running across horizontally. Furthermore, just below the Heroine's chest is a teal ribbon wrapped tightly into a bow. The Heroine wears a loose, black coat over her dress and shirt. On the right side of her coat, there are nine spots, each with a pair of silver rose buttons. She never closes her coat, however. Over her right shoulder, the Heroine almost always carries a white purse with her. The strap has a distinctive rose-like pattern. Also, underneath her dress, the Heroine wears black stockings patterned with white lines intersecting each other and red diamonds. On her feet are a pair of white, high-heeled boots with three lines each running vertically from the tips to the boot's nose. Around her boots are white ribbons with a pink rose ornament on each.

The Heroine also wears a black beret with a pink rose on the front, and another one the back, furthermore with a white ribbon tied underneath the latter. Additionally with the Heroine's preference for roses, just over the left side of her white collar, there is a large pin with a pink rose ornament.


The Heroine's personality depends on which route the player chooses:

  • Heart's Route:

Before her memory loss, she was in a band and loved to sing, though she wasn't very good at first. Despite Shin's criticism, she kept practicing and she improved. However, she is easily embarrassed and freaks out when Shin kisses her or tries anything intimate and gets angry at him for not knocking on the door.

  • Spade's Route

The heroine used to vehemently hate Ikki and playboys like him. Before she lost her memories she would tell Ikki not to be full of himself. It was because her father was the same way. However, she decided to join Ikki's fan club later on. It is revealed that she was actually trying to investigate why the other girls obsessed over him.

  • Clover's Route:

Before she lost her memory, she often argued or complained about Kent's callous and insensitive attitude towards her and love. However, due to her memory loss, she treated and listened to him better and their relationship slowly improved as they began to understand each other.

  • Diamond's Route:

Before her memory loss, she was annoyed being considered Toma's 'little sister' and was working hard on improving herself so that Toma would see her as a woman. The Diamond heroine is a cheerful girl, and she loved Toma ever since they were kids to the point of slight obsession. She has a album of secretly taken photos of Toma and even asked Shin to help her take photos. This is similar to Toma who has a treasured secret photo collection of her as well.


She has a different past depending on the route the player chooses:

  • Heart's Route:

The Heroine is the childhood friend of Shin and Toma. She asked Toma and Shin to marry her, but Toma said it's not possible for both of them to marry her and she had to choose one of them. As a young child, she chose to marry Shin when they got older. 

  • Spade's Route:

She started to work at the Maid's Sheep cafe and met Ikki, who was working there as well. She was initially affected by his gaze that causes girls to fall in love with him, but managed to break out of its spell when she remembered that Ikki is just like her playboy father. Angry, she told Ikki not to be so full of himself, which sparked his interest in her because she was the first girl to ever reject him and treat him like a normal person.

  • Clover's Route:

The heroine had a family dog called Kuro whom she walked everyday. Kent, who also took regular morning walks, met her during one of these walks and proposed an experiment on love. She later lost Kuro because of a car accident and a rotten leash. Kent, being a logical and slightly insensitive man who didn't really like the dog, lectured her on being a responsible owner while she was still in mourning, and that one lecture caused splinters in their relationship.

  • Diamond's Route:

She was childhood friends with Toma and Shin. Different from the Heart World, however, she had always loved Toma because of his caring nature. As a child she would often insist on sleeping together with Toma, and later on she even worked hard to follow him to the same university he went to. When she grew up she realized she loved him more than a brother. However, Toma did not seem to see her as a woman because he continued to treat her as his little sister. She consulted Ikki, causing Toma who actually did love her as a 'woman' to become jealous. On August 1st, the day she lost her memories, she had called Toma out to confess to him.

  • Joker's Route:

She met Ukyo in the spring and eventually became his girlfriend. She fell in a coma after being caught in a fire in her university on August 1, and later died in the hospital on August 25 without ever waking up. After a passing wish-granting god Neil accepted Ukyo's wish of wanting to see her live past August 25th, Neil discarded his body and merged with Ukyo and brought him to travel worlds and see other versions of the heroine to fulfill his wish. However, they found out that other than Ukyo's own Joker World, Ukyo and the heroine never existed and lived together past August 25th, and the worlds kept killing Ukyo as a result of him being an anomaly. As a last resort, Neil returned Ukyo back to his original world and turned back time to August 1st so that Ukyo may rescue her from her fate. This was why the weather was unusually cold for August, as Neil could not affect weather.

Plot (Visual Novel)Edit


Heart's RouteEdit

If player chooses Shin, the Heroine will wake up in the hospital, with a bandage around her neck and left arm. She then will meet Orion, who will explain the situation she is in. Suddenly she meets a young man who kisses her suddenly. He tells her that he's picking her up from the hospital and is going to take her home.

August 2, as the young man notices she hasn't said his name, and that her memories are confused, he discovers her memory loss. He re-introduces himself as Shin, and that they are childhood friends, and also that they have been dating for 3 months. Shin explains that the reason she lives by herself is due to the fact that her parents are overseas. Ten days ago, she had an accident, and she hit her head really hard. Right now, he's not prepared to tell her about the accident yet, but he's going to take care of her until she fully recovers. The Heroine remembers Shin apologizing to her parents that she got injured because of him, but they don't believe him.  Shin takes her to the place where she works and she meets a waiter named, Toma, who is their childhood friend. He is worried if her head is alright, but she doesn't remember anything.

August 3, it is revealed by Shin that she joined a band club and was a vocalist. She loved to sing ever since the second year of high school. At first, she was terrible at singing but she grew better at it. She joined the same club in college and continued to sing. She is taken to the club room to see if it can help her remember. Shin talks about the time when he came to visit her after practice, confessed his love to her, and had their first kiss.  Although Shin attempts to make the scene happen again, the heroine recalls nothing. Suddenly she regains another memory of Shin and Toma after her performance, Shin said that her singing was terrible. He blamed her for playing around too much instead of practicing, ignoring Toma when he tried to comfort her. Shin wanted to tell her his honest opinion, so she will be able to improve for her performance next year. At home, Shin informs her that she will return to work at August 5, and he going to help her with a working session.

August 4, Heroine goes though training by Shin by remembering her work place, which she got right.

Throughout the days, she regains the memory of Shin saving her after she fell from the cliff. She gets to know about Shin's past. As the owner mentioned Toma's relationship to her, the Heroine remembers in her childhood she got proposed to by "Toma".

However in August 23, as she remembers the important event, Orion starts to become transparent, but she can still see and hear him. At night she remembers another memory from her childhood with Shin and Toma protecting her.

If the player chooses that it was Toma who did this to her, then it will lead her into a Good Ending. The final piece of her memory is that "Shin" saves her, but in reality, it was actually Toma who was very angry at her that she mistook him for Shin, and drops her by the rocks. As Orion's job of helping her is done, and she can't see him since as she has a "knight" by her side to help to retrieve her other missing pieces of her memories, he bids her farewell. As the Heroine returns to reality, both Shin and Toma discuss their feeling for her. She remembers another memory from her childhood, and it is revealed that it was not just Toma, but Shin too who proposed to her, and she wanted to marry the both of them. However Toma replied that impossible to marry two people and she had to choose one of them. As she begins to cry, Shin comforts her and tells her he will marry her so that she won't cry, which makes her happy as he puts a flower ring on her finger and she chooses Shin. Before Toma leaves, she mentions she will be waiting for him to return.  

August 31, after four days later, as she and Shin start going out together, she asks about whether Sawa actually holds any special feelings for Shin. He tells her it's impossible because Sawa is more in love with her than him. Even if Sawa is worried about him, it's because he's her boyfriend. She wonders if Toma will come and see them again when he returns, so Shin asks why does she loves Toma that much. She says it's because Toma is their big brother, and when Shin asks, "Because he's kind, unlike me?", to which she replies, "If you know that, then be more gentle to me." In order to teach Shin how to treat her kindly, Heroine says they should start by holding hands. As they talk about the many things they will do together, they both confess their love to each other. Heroine smile at him and says that she loves him too.

Spade's RouteEdit

If the player chooses Ikki, The Heroine will wake up in her room, and meeting Orion. Later, she receive a call name Ikki and tells her to meet up at the entrance and will be there for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the Heroine and Orion go outside to wait for Ikki and suddenly a young man with white hair surrounded by girls. She was told by Orion as that he heard that name before as one of the girls mention to name "Ikkyu", and they think that young man might be Ikki who call them earlier. However they go back to her room and discuss about young man, that he could be her boyfriend, and suggested for her to be separate herself from him in that case, but she thinks it'd be better to maintain their relationship.

After the movie, Orion suggest to her to ask Ikki to take her work tomorrow since she won't where the place it's at, which Ikki agree since they work at the same shift. 

August 2, She gets call from Ikki, and he ask her if she wants him to call her to wake her up from now on and she agrees to it. The Heroines gets help by Orion to get prepared and they go out to meet Ikki only to run into the trouble of what to call him. She decide to just calls him "Ikki-san", he was okay with it. As Ikki takes her to the place they work at, she goes to the back to deliver the orders for drinks to Ikki who manages those. As he remind her that she in charge of the parfait, but she doesn't remember how to make it. As Ikki teach her to make parfait, she suddenly remembers how to make the parfait with Ikki and she faints. After she regain consciousness, Shin tells her that she should go home if she not feeling well, Orion agrees that tomorrow they'll work better than today. After work, she gets rebuked by her manager, Waka for causing trouble and forcing her friend to shoulder most of her work. Orion reassures her that she'll do better when she remembers how to do their job and that it was natural for her to feel faint when a memory rushed back.

As they get changed and head outside to see Ikki surrounded by girls again, except this time he has his sunglasses on. Before leaving, Ikki tell to meet up in the "usual place", but she doesn't know where the usual place and they wander around until Ikki phones the Heroine and tells her that he was waiting at the usual place, but she didn't show. She answers that she isn't feeling so well.

At home, both she and Orion found information in her journal that she's gonna work everyday this month along with Ikki. So rather than worrying about Ikki and his fans, she better do her best at work.. or else Waka will yell at her again tomorrow.

August 3, The Heroine manages to get to work without forgetting the way that was shown to her. She gets yelled at by the manager again though and Shin tells her not to make the manager angry, because it affects him too. However, after work ends, Waka grudgingly tells her that she did much better than yesterday and expects the same from her tomorrow. As they head out they bump into Ikki who tells her that he'll walk her home and he came because he was worried about whether or not she collapsed again. She thanks him for going out of his way, but apparently he had other business. However, Ikki get serious and become suspicious that she hiding something for him, because she's been acting strange ever since that first day. He tells her that she doesn't have to bear things alone and that she should rely on him since he's her boyfriend. As they walk home, Ikki pins her against the wall, talking about how it seems like he was conceited to think that she liked him that way. Since she is not closing her eyes, he gives up and lets her go, saying that it seems like she still won't let him. She overheard him saying just one more month before departing. Heroine and Orion talk and about Ikki going out with Heroine because he liked her, but now it doesn't seem the case, as he thinks of it as game. Orion wonders if the Heroine from before even liked Ikki before deciding to go out with him.

August 5, After work, it is revealed by Orion that her work days are timed with Ikki's work days and that both of them have a three day off on 19th to 21st of August. As they walk home with Ikki, they stalk him as he's walking to find out where the place is that they need to meet and successfully find it without arousing suspicion. Unfortunately, they forget to ask Ikki about whether or not they have a trip planned.

August 6, The Heroine met her friend named, Sawa who appear to be flirting her boyfriend when she look into his eyes, but as he ask her to go behind him, she revert back to her usual self and don't know why as if she was under a spell. When Sawa explained the rumor to the Heroine about him are that he's very nice to women he dates, but that he considers it a game and leaves them when he's done. And then there's the rumor about his eyes being able to make women fall in love with him at first sight, when a girl falls in love with him then the game ends, but then she apologizes for saying something that the Heroine should already understand.

August 7, At home, The Heroine got a text message from Ikki talking about how he'll also be bringing a friend to the camping trip. It is revealed that the Heroine and Ikki attended different universities. She ask if Ikki will introduce her to his friend later on, to which he agrees with confusion and says that his friend isn't exactly a nice person and that she shouldn't believe anything he says.

August 8, After work was done, the Heroine asked Ikki about Mine, he rejects her because he already has a girlfriend and she keeps pursuing him, saying that she's better than her. 

At home, she receives a new text from Ikki that he asking her about a hypothetical situation involving a man that she liked and a girl who was trying to get that man to go out with her instead of the Heroine.

August 9, After work she meets Ikki's friend, Kent and she think they are going to fight each other. She tries to stop the fight, but accidentally trips and falls. Later at Ikki's house, she ask Kent about how they became friends. Kent explains that they met on their first day of university and some trouble happened with Ikki and a girl who claimed that she fell in love with him. The Heroine continues ask him few questions about Ikki. 

At night, after Kent has left, Heroine thought Ikki was going to take her home, but he asked her if she staying over for the night. She was speechless and unsure of what to say to him, but it turn out he was joking and started to chuckle a little. At home, Heroine and Orion discuss of what he met by "living together", and she thinks that person that she used to be from before might have talked with him about sharing a room to lower their expenses.

August 10, at night she wears her yukata and goes with Ikki to see the fireworks, but he was surrounded by his fangirls again and then she meets Ikki's close friend, Rika who helps them break up the fangirls so that they can spend time together. 

At home, she recieve a text by Rika who tells her not to consider Ikki as hers and that if she forgets then and she remember of Rika saying the similar speech before.

August 11, she meets a mysterious man named Ukyo, who appears to know her and asks her who she is currently going out with and lists four names starting from Shin, Ikki, Toma, and Kent. When Ukyo finds out who she is going out with, he was sad and tells her to be careful of her surroundings and especially the trip they're going on, and then says that that's all he came here to say to her, although it was nice to see her again.

After she sees a horror movie with Ikki at home, Ikki won't be able to hang out with her tomorrow. Sawa calls her and they go shopping in preparation for the trip.

August 12, As Heroine and Sawa discuss about the 3 month rule dating, she began to remember Ikki and herself being interested in each other but not in love so they decided to try going out for three months. After she regains a memory, her body was taken by so much impact that she collapses on the street.

August 13, currently weakened and in bed, she meets a young man with blond hair who has been taking care of her since Sawa called him, but she does not know him. After he leaves, Orion urges her to rest, but she can't help but think about the memories that are returning about Ikki. She remembers that the first time she saw Ikki, she had the same reaction as everyone else. He was helping her make a parfait and apologized for not wearing his sunglasses and then told her not to look into his eyes. The Heroine tells him that she's not affected, but he smirks and says that she keeps zoning out whenever she looks into his eyes and he tells her to try and tell him not to be so conceited while looking into his eyes, which she couldn't do. Another memory was as she heading home and saw Ikki talking to a girl and he asked her if she wanted to go out with him, to which the girl eagerly answered that she did. He sighs really loudly as if exasperated, but doesn't take her phone number and instead tells her to input his number into hers. Then he tells her that he'll go out with her for 3 months. The girl leaves ecstatic talking about this is like a dream to her. Ikki turns to the Heroine after that and asks what she is looking at him for and if she wants to date him too. He tells her that he'll date her after he was done with that girl. She then receives a message from Ikki but she got woken up and the memory was incomplete.

August 14, it is revealed that the young man with blond hair named Toma is her brother, but not by blood. It turns out that his mother married her father and they are step siblings.

August 15, When she finally gets up, he jokes about how regrettable it is that he can't kiss her awake. Turns out he has to head in to work and wants her to lock the door behind him and he tells her to call him if any happens. After he leaves, Orion appears and tells the Heroine that Ikki was actually respectable during the whole night and barely slept while he was watching over her. He asks her if she wants to tell him her memories, because he couldn't see her personal ones about Ikki when her memories returned. He can only see normal memories. So she tells him about all the memories that returned. He notices Ikki treats her different than other girls like the one that he decided to date in her memories. As Orion ask her about Ikki, she thinks Ikki is developing feelings of love for her. Orion agrees and then talks about how they've learned more, but they also have more questions now. Orion explains to her that every time her memories return the further he will disappear until finally, he will be gone from her side. He can't always remain with her, because he has his own duties to return to but he wants to help her find most of her memories or a person to depend upon before he leaves. He's afraid of leaving her alone with no one to support her if she still has missing memories.

Auguat 16, she returns to work and she ends up getting lectured by Waka because she has been sick for three days and that she must try her best to make up for what she missed.

August 17, At home she got a call from Ikki, who is drunk and ask her if she wants to come to his house, and she replied with yes. At Ikki's house, she gets to know a side of him that she never saw before.

August 18, At work, as Ukyo warns her and she hears his words, she regains a memory. It's the continuation of the one she saw after Rika's terror call, where she told her to remember that she doesn't own Ikki just because they're going out. If she forgot about this warning.. Rika will kill her. Ukyo admits that he will put her in danger too if he stays too close, so he won't come to see her again from now on. By this point she already got a lot of her memories back, and Ikki appears beside her with worry. Orion says from time to time his voice would disappear from her mind. Orion doesn't want to leave her alone with incomplete memories though, so he's been wondering if he really can trust her in Ikki's hands.

August 19-21, Day 2, At the forest, she and Ikki go see the stars, she gets to learn about Ikki's backstory during his childhood and confesses his love for her and kisses her.

August 24, After work, Heroine finds Kent and tells Kent that Ikki won't appear today. Kent is surprised to see that she is walking home, although he did hear rumors of how Ikki was starting to entertain the other girls. As Kent explains to her that Ikki is trapped in never ending loops of despair by going out with a girl that he might manage to like, but then having to part with her and then pick up another one. When she says she wants to find a way to help him, Kent is surprised that she's asking him, but tells her that if she can grow to love Ikki in return then she might be able to save him from this cycle. However, if she can't end up liking Ikki then it can't be helped.

A few days go by, and Heroine is having a lot of memories come back to her about when Ikki offered to let her stay in his home when she had to move out of her own; the first time she met Ikki and her reason as to why she hates him. She starts to lose her sight of Orion but can still hear his voice. 

August 28, Heroine finally explains everything that has been happening to her since August 1 to Ikki, which he fully understands, and suddenly Orion appears transparent. He tells her that she seems to be fine now and that he feels like he can leave her in the hands of Ikki. He also agrees that Ikki is a fine man and then tells her that he's happy to see her smiling face. He thanks her for the fun that they had in this month even if it was full of troubles and tells her that even if all of her memories don't come back, she can depend on Ikki and that she'll probably slowly regain them. After disappearing, she thanks him for everything.

August 29, Heroine realizes from the memories she recovers that the fan girls of Ikki was actually his ex girlfriends he had been dated and informs Ikki that the reason she joined their fan club was out of interest and to investigate where they have been going and why are they are so obsessed over him. She knows Rika is his friend since middle school.

August 30, After work, the Heroine and Ikki confronts Rika and the fan girls that they should leave them be and never interfere in the relationship that they are going to have. If they harm the Heroine, Ikki will never forgive them and never see them again, which they agree and run away.

August 31, the Heroine and Ikki start dating without the dating rule. In the end, she and Ikki kiss in public in the middle of the station, while the crowd stares and blushes.

Clover's RouteEdit

In this route if the player chooses Kent, she will wake up in her room similar to the previous route and meets Orion. After they discuss, the Heroine receive a text message from someone name Kent who replied her the same text "Good Morning", and "Good Night".  Suddenly she get a new text message saying good morning and tells her to meet him at the Maid's Sheep and that they have something to talk about. The Heroine searches on internet for the Maid's Sheep location.

They finally find the cafe and enter, but they are confused on which one is Kent since the two guys come up to her and leave, which makes them more confused if one of them named Kent. Suddenly young man with glasses comes up and questions her on why she is sitting in random seat, which it turns out he is actually Kent. When he comments on how it's admirable if she's staying silent to try and win the argument, it'd be more admirable if she just apologized. She apologizes to get the conversation over with. She answeres Kent's questions on math about the price of their drinks. As they walk silently together and head near her house, she gets to know a little about him that they been dated, and he doesn't understand much about dating. At home, Orion tells her that if she revealed to Kent that she has amnesia, she will be send to a hospital. Suddenly she got text message from Kent and he was confused, since yesterday she complained about his mail and that was what their fight was about. However, if she is content with just those two words then he'll continue writing them like that and he thanks her for letting him type out one word things because he hates mailing. Orion tells her that he will look for clues of her identity tomorrow and there is nothing to worry about.

August 2, In the morning, Heroine is woken up by Orion telling her that he was looking at her calendar and noticed a lot of red circles. He wonders if she has a part-time job and then becomes worried because they have no idea where it is or what she does there. Until Kent calls her on why she not going to his house, and she has to make an excuse about wanting to walk by her workplace and Kent calls her an idiot before telling her that they had already spent time there yesterday. Orion realizes that she works at the maid cafe and that is why Toma and Waka knew her name. She comes up with more excuses about wanting to see the cafe and getting a manual, because they need to study what she does before she has to work.

At work, she was given a manual by Waka after calmly telling him that she forgot what teaspoons to give to the customers.

Since they don't know where Kent is, they start heading home only to find Kent walking to their house. She doesn't say anything and so Kent takes her silence as a refusal and he becomes annoyed again saying that if she has a complaint or is unhappy then she needs to say it. Finally, she tells him that being alone with a man in her room is a little...Kent is shocked before becoming angry at being thought of like that. Later she is at Kent's house, as she has to prepare and study in the manual for preparing for tomorrow. 

August 3, she receives a text message from Kent to visit him at his lab, but they don't know where it is. She decided to call him and just tell him that she's lost, to which he suspected that she would be, so he heads down to find her. In lab, she gets to know that he's researcher at his university. She decides to talk to Kent and ask him if he wouldn't mind talking to her for a little bit and this surprises Kent. He muses on all the possibilities she has for asking him to have a conversation with her before telling her that he isn't skilled at small talk. However, both Heroine and Orion spend the rest of the day studying the manual. They try to decide what to do but Kent stands up suddenly, which shocks Orion who tells him not to do that because he's so big, and then asks why she doesn't get angry or have any complaints. As they continuing arguing, young man named Ikki stopped him. After she hears Kent's word that she doesn't like him, she suddenly remembers Kent saying the same thing about how she doesn't like him and he can understand that. Then he adds that he thinks she might even hate him.

August 4, Heroine returns to work, but it hasn't gotten much better as expected. At home, she receives a text from Kent that she did good job working hard, and she replies by congratulating him on his hard work too. Her reply email makes him confused asking what she meant by that but he thanks her for it and that her reply makes him happy.

August 5,  At work, it is revealed by Sawa that Kent going on an exchange programme to London at the end of August and they won't be seeing each other for a year and he's going to be busy for the next 25 days.

August 6, As the Heroine improved a lot, Waka is impressed. However it makes Mine jealous. After work, she and Orion are confronted by Mine and Mine tells her the reason she dislikes her.

August 7, On her date with Kent, she notices he been walking faster and tries to catch up. She decide to ask him about Mine's declaration of being her rival, but he doesn't understand why she is talking about this though and has no interest in other people, and he reasons that she wants to break up with him. She asks if they're going to break up that easily if one of them gets bored, but it turns out Kent already made this clear right from the start. She often got angry too over this issue. Right now he's still interested in her, so he doesn't have any intentions to break up unless she's asking for it. Upon hearing these words, the Heroine suddenly regains another piece of her memory. It was when she told Kent that she's heartbroken, but he says that he's only her informal math teacher. Through a long explanation, Kent said that couples break up when they get bored anyway. Some of them even break up after having a child, and she's lucky to experience this during her college years not after she got married. She slapped him before he can continue, and he calmly asks why she did that since his words are reasonable. In the end she's escorted back to her home where Orion talks about how their fight wasn't that major and so it should be alright. Orion explain to her that her past self and Kent had a bad relationship from the start and got into fights a lot, but he also thinks that it's a good idea to continue dating Kent since he is featured a lot in her memories.

August 8, The Heroine and Orion begin to understand Kent and their relationship.

August 9, They visit Kent's home and spend time together with Kent. Heroine asks Kent questions about himself and she ask him to help with math problems. After spending time with him, it seems they changed Kent and he show emotions to her. Suddenly the Heroine and Orion encounter Ukyo, who warns her that she should hurry home, before he can explain any further, his personality changes and muses about her dating Kent this time and suggest on killing her. Later his personality changes back and she should forget what happened and never go out at night alone. After he leaves, Orion comments that he looks like a shinigami.

August 10, She informs Kent her about her encounter with Ukyo, and he decides to escort her from then on. At night, she and Orion are curious that they got to see another side of Kent who was jealous of Ikki. 

August 11, At work, it is revealed by Mine that she made a promise to Kent and go see the firework festival, however Mine is still cold towards to her. At home, it seen that she has been dating Kent for a half month of July 28 according to Orion. 

August 12, at the fireworks festival, she changes into her kimono after she finishes work. Since Kent is 20 minutes late, she decides to call him, but he calls her instead. She tells him that she's waiting for him to see the fireworks which startles him because he completely forgot since he had no interest in it. She tells him that she wanted to go with him and this makes him fall completely silent. When it started to rain and Kent buys an umbrella, She tells him that she doesn't mind if he's closer and this makes Kent blush and ask her if she says these things on purpose to see his reaction. They have fun and chat at the festival.

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In it's very similar to game except her name is not revealed  and she has been traveling to all routes unlike in the game. However in the final episode, she did not end up with one of the guys instead she was last seen with five different cards appearing in front of her, smiling and she went back to her original world. It is unknown if her memories returned or which world she chose.

Skills and TalentsEdit

  • Heart's route - she is the vocalist for her club band in the university. Though at first she was terrible, she became better after Shin's criticism and working hard. 



She is a childhood friend of Shin and became his girlfriend. Throughout the weeks where she lost her memories, she developed feelings for him.  In the Good End where she remembered everything, she finally accepts his love for her, and teases him into being more open with her like letting her hold his hand in public though it was embarrassing for him, and making him say "I love you".

In other routes, Shin is a cook, her colleague in Maid's Sheep.


In the Spade's route, she was Ikki's girlfriend for an agreed 3 months. Before she lost her memories, she hated Ikki as he reminded her of her playboy father, and her hatred actually broke the spell of his eyes, rendering her the only girl who isn't affected by their magic.

During August while dating Ikki without her memories, she learns of his other gentle caring genuinely-loving side and gradually started to fall for him as well.

In other routes, Ikki is simply a waiter in Maid's Sheep cafe, a love advisor (Diamond world) or Kent's math challenge rival (Clover and Joker World).


In Clover's route, she is Kent's girlfriend. They had many arguments over little things, as the heroine wanted the awkward Kent to show affection, even though he wasn't really sure how to. With Ikki's advice and a little help from the heroine's amnesia, the heroine started to listen and be forgiving towards him and Kent started to learn how to show affection better.

In other routes, Kent is a cook in Maid's Sheep cafe.


Toma is a caring big brother figure to the heroine. In his own route, he is deeply in love with her, but found his feelings inappropriate because he was supposed to protect her as her big brother and he didn't want to ruin their relationship by confessing. Thus he was afraid to confess to her. His feelings of wanting to protect her is very strong, and sometimes it can overshadow the heroine's own will. After she repeatedly left the house even though she was being targeted by Ikki's fan club girls, he locked her into a cage so that she wouldn't run into danger outside.

In Heart World, he's still the heroine's big brother figure and loves her as much as he did in his own Diamond World route, but due to his own jealousy he accidentally harmed her during the Shinano incident and so gave himself up to the police.

In other worlds, he's a waiter of Maid's Sheep cafe, sometimes with slight interest in the heroine, except in Spade world he is a step brother to the Heroine.


In the Joker world, she was Ukyo's girlfriend. Due to her fate of death, she got involved in a fire accident on August 1, went into a coma and ultimately died on August 25. Ukyo made a wish to save her, and this wish was granted by Orion's master, the god Niiru . Ever since then, Ukyo had been traveling to the other worlds triggering the events of the game and anime. 


Orion is a spirit who appears before the Heroine one day, as he caused her amnesia by crashing into her heart and knocking out her memories. He follows and supports her throughout each story, helping her to reclaim her memories and let the memories push himself out of her. The heroine relies on Orion for his guidance, especially in the beginning when she isn't sure what to do, and his cheerful presence and honest comment is often a heartening experience. In the OVA she is friends with all of the boys. She is in a possible world, where Ukyo's still alive but she has the closest and romantic relationship with Shin,although she is really communicative with Ukyo, which makes the others jealous. After all, they're still good friends.


  • She is the first Otomate heroine to have no default name.