Images of the character, Heroine.

Promotional Artwork

Visual Novel


Game Cover


Computer Generated


Heroine Visual Novel





Shin And Toma With The Heroine
Toma & Shin walking the Heroine home
Orion Explains The Heroine's Amnesia
Employees Of The Meido No Hitsuji
Orion Greets The Heroine In The Morning
Ikki's Look
Ikki & The Heroine's flashback
Ikki Tends To The Heroine's Finger
Kent explaining the Heroine's situation
Ikki Catches The Heroine
Falling Hair Strands
Heroine Talking With Orion
Sawa & Mine Greet Heroine
Shin's Deadly Confession
Toma's Casual Behavior With The Heroine
Heroine Meets Hero
At The Docks
Table Hockey
Shin Catches The Heroine
Heroine Falls Off Cliff
Kiss Of The Heart
The Heroine Gets Dressed
Shin With The Heroine At Home
Shin Confronts Heroine About Amnesia
The Heroine Refuses Shin's Kiss
Childhood Friends Meet For Drinks
Work Reunion
Sawa & Mine Explain What Happened
Near The Train Tracks
Heroine Hears Orion's Voice
Shin Explains Everything
Speaking As Fireworks Sparkle
Shin Kicks The Fireworks Spinner
The Three Friends Walk Home
Shin And Heroine Discuss Their Relationship
Heroine Finds Ikki With Fangirls
Rika Speaks To Ikki & Heroine
Ikki Holds The Heroine's Hand
Drinks After Movie
Orion Reappears
Heroine With Ikki
Ikki Pins Against The Heroine
Sawa Warns The Heroine
Heroine Sees Ikki & Kent
The Three In Ikki's Bedroom
Ikki & Heroine In His Bedroom
Heroine Writes In Her Journal Again
The Two Speak Together At Work
Ukyo Reappears
Ikki With The Sick Heroine
Washing Dishes
The Heroine Talks On The Phone With Sawa
Ikki Calls The Heroine From Outside
Spade Kissing The Rose
Crazed Fangirls Confront The Heroine
Sinking Heroine
The Heroine Outside Her Apartment
Quiet Tea
Slow Heroine
Bored & Alone
Kent Pats The Heroine
The Heroine In A Yukata
Kent Keeps With The Heroine
Couple Holding The Umbrella
Orion With Kent & Heroine
Kent's Gentle Pat
Lucky Clover Holding Hands
Photo of the Heroine, Toma and Shin

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