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Toma Visual Novel
Kanji トーマ
Rōmaji Tōma
Alias Master Blacksmith
Race Human
Age 20
Birthday April 12
Horoscope Aries
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Gender Male
Eyes Orange
Hair Blond
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep Heart/Clover/Diamond/Joker's Route only
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Heroine (Step Sister) Spade's Route only
Route Diamond
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Satoshi Hino
Christopher Ayres (English)
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Toma (トーマ, Tōma) is a childhood friend of Heroine.


He is a tall, lean-built young man with short, spiky blond hair and orange eyes.

Toma wears a black-and-orange, long-sleeved shirt that is horizontally striped. His left sleeve, however, is completely black and is ragged on the ends. Over this, Toma wears a short-sleeved black jacket with distinctive white lines running across on both sides. On his left, over the front of the jacket, there is a marking resembling a set of three white rings with a matching-colored diamond inside the smallest one. Around the outer rings are the words, "Non potrei vivere senza di te," which is Italian for, "I could not live without you." On the other front of Toma's jacket are four silver studs, a lined in a squared formation, and over on his right sleeve, there is a belt-like strap attached with a squared, silver buckle consisting of a single prong, and a set of silver diamond-like studs running across one end to the other. The strap itself is made of a black cloth. Toma's jacket collar is left open and it has four openings, encircled by silver ringlets. The inner lining is plaited with green, dark green and white.[1] However, it can also be plain green.[2] Below, Toma wears form-fitting black pants over black heeled shoes, adorned with two belt straps, each attached with a silver ring. His pants are held up by a black-and-white diamond-patterned belt. Furthermore, a ragged yellow cloth is worn around Toma's waist in a fashion similar to a sash.[1]

Toma usually wears a black hairband with four, golden-colored diamond markings on it.


Toma is a very laid-back and relaxed person, he treats both Heroine and Shin like they are younger siblings, and has many traits of an older brother.

Episode 9- AMNESIA

Toma adding the stuffed toys in the cage he locked the Heroine in.

He, like all the others, cares deeply for Heroine. In his route, Toma has a dark personality that which results in him lying to Heroine about him being her boyfriend after he took her to the hospital. He used it as an advantage to keep her inside of his home, and he kept this from everyone including Shin. At first he drugged her food and drinks which caused her to sleep throughout the day, but after she found out about this and tried to escape he caught her and then he locked her in a cage and left stuffed toys to try and keep her more comfortable. In Shin's route, he was jealous of him because he dated Heroine. However, Toma is also wracked with self-guilt over his wrongdoings due to his own fear of losing Heroine and allowing her to get hurt, convincing himself of his actions by saying it is for her protection. After he realises Heroine's true feelings, he is also seen to show utter remorse, to the point where he allows Heroine to chain him up and lock himself inside the same cage to make amends.



Visual NovelEdit


Heart's RouteEdit

In this route, at first, he started as a supported character and helped the Heroine while Shin was taken by the police for questions, and when he was in preschool. If the player chooses it was him who caused her fall, he will be an antagonist at the end. He admits he lost, ever since a long time ago, and that he is always trying to protect the heroine from getting hurt. After watching her first live concert, he prayed that her performance could get better the next year. When he saw how much she improved the following year, Toma thought his wish had been granted, but upon seeing her thanking Shin so happily, he was brought back to reality. Toma also admits that before she started dating Shin, he asked her to go out several times. He said it jokingly because he was afraid she would avoid him after that, and his feelings remained unnoticed. Toma doesn't have enough courage to get out of the "childhood friend" stage, and Shin can't hand the Heroine to him for that reason. He decide to turns himself in to the police because of what he did.

Spade's RouteEdit

In the Spade's Route, Toma is a step brother of the Heroine since his mother had married her father. He will respect the decisions she make. 

Diamond's RouteEdit

In the Diamond's Route, in which Heroine ends up with Toma, Toma at first seems very kind, caring and protective and all, though through the world he becomes more strict with Heroine as he wants Heroine to be safe. Even after his constant warnings for her not to go outside, she still does. There was one point where Heroine went outside because she needed to talk to Ikki about something important, and Toma got the wrong idea and thought she was in love with Ikki. Because he was trying to protect her and he did not want her to leave, he put medicine in her food so she would fall asleep. Toma then puts her in a cage and gets an urgent call from his college and leaves; after which Heroine left to get her diary because she needed to know how her old self really felt about Toma. Once she realizes she loved him, Toma comes in and gets very angry and later reads the diary, then tells her that he loves her as well.




Skills and TalentsEdit

In addition to being in a number of school clubs, including soccer, broadcasting, archery, and the newspaper, Toma enjoys playing basketball, cycling, surfing the internet, playing video games, cooking and reading.




He and the Heroine are childhood friends and he truly cares for her.


He and Toma are good childhood friends with the Heroine. Toma treats Shin as his young brother, and would mess around and have a good time with him all together. However he is secretly jealous of Shin because he was chosen by the Heroine to be married by her when they got older since childhood. This was revealed in Heart's route.


" I don't want to see you cry. I don't want to see you sad or see you suffer either. I always want to see you smile and i want to make you smile. so for that purpose, i don't mind if you hate me , that's what i decided. But IT HURTS." (=)

"I only want to keep you from crying, but even that wish , i couldn't grant." (=)

"I promise you that i would protect you from anything scary from then on." (=)

' I love you....i always have, and always will..." (=)


  • In the Otomate Amnesia favorite character poll, Toma took first place.[1]
  • Unlike the other potential lovers, Toma has a "Doubt" parameter for his route. This fills up when the Heroine feels doubt about Toma.
  • Toma likes spicy food, and dislikes raw fruit. He enjoys observing humans.